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Each year, the Child Identification Fingerprinting Association produces our annual Child Home Identification Kits. By partnering with local businesses, organizations and community groups, we are striving to provide local schools, day care centres, child and youth groups and the general public

with information to prevent child abduction and the tools to expedite finding a child should he or she be reported missing.

Our kits are unique in that they are fully bilingual and contain space for all of the information recommended by the RCMP and local police in the event of a child being reported missing. The first few hours are the most critical and often some of the most difficult and confusing for parents or guardians. Our Child Home ID Kits allows a parent or guardian to sit down with their child and record the information in a calm, relaxed state of mind when they are thinking clearly without the stress of their child being

missing. Then, should a crisis occur, the information is at their fingertips to provide to police immediately, without any stress or confusion.

Our Child Home Identification Kits provide parents and guardians with space for a recent photo, a detailed physical description, and of course, fingerprints, along with several additional pages for other vital pieces of information.

Why us?

At Child Identification Fingerprinting we take pride in the quality and detail of our Home Identification Kits. Our kits contain all information that may be needed under any circumstances as well as fingerprints and DNA samples.